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New Spacemakers presentation from 24 to 26 June

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9 Jun 2022

Augmented reality has become part of our everyday lives; a digital shell over buildings, public spaces, and even in our own homes. Virtual reality and reality have completely merged. A prospect that doesn't seem so crazy with the rise of, among others, VR, Metaverse, CGI influencers, deepfake and NFT museums. For this new edition of Spacemakers, nine youngsters and designer duo HyperCulture see themselves as explorers in this speculative future. Who are we in this world? Are we coexisting, or are we rebelling?

Spacemakers x HyperCulture: Herbarium

With Spacemakers, STRP Education offers young people of different ages and educational backgrounds the opportunity to work with artists from its network. Over several months, they will work towards an art project in which an audience is invited to share their thoughts and ideas on a specific theme. For the exhibition 'Herbarium' from 24 to 26 June, Spacemakers x HyperCulture investigate what plants look like and what sounds they make in our speculative future. They also show artworks made by artificial intelligence. The exhibition can be visited at the Heuvel in Eindhoven, in a specially designed Hortus Futuri with both prepared plants and living specimens. Herbarium also shows a rendered impression of the world the explorers found, a glimpse of the future for everyone.
Boudewijn Bollmann STRP Spacemakers februari2022 reportage LORES 10
© Boudewijn Bollmann

The participants

Spacemakers x HyperCulture is a collaboration between nine young people from SintLucas, Summa College, Fontys Hogescholen, TU/e, Avans Hogeschool and design-director duo HyperCulture from Eindhoven. The two artists work in the field of design, branding, animation, motion graphics, film, and visuals arts.

Herbarium is a project by:

HyperCulture: Floris Vos and Peter van Riet
Kiki (20) - graduate Crossmedia Design SintLucas
Ilya (22)- Communication & Multimedia Design Avans Hogeschool Breda
Sven (23) - Spatial Design SintLucas Boxtel
Marina (21) - ICT Fontys Hogeschool & graduate Fine Art Colegiul de Arta Roemenië
Bart (19) - Creative Technologies SintLucas Eindhoven
Gijs (24) - Spatial Design SintLucas Boxtel
Fehime (22) – Specialised Pedagogical Employee Summa College Eindhoven
Luc (22) – Technical Physics TU Eindhoven
Jolijn (24) - Advertising Fontys Hogeschool Economy and Communication