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Recap Spacemakers x HyperCulture

2 min read
30 Jun 2022

Last weekend, the participants of Spacemakers together with artist duo HyperCulture presented their exhibition Herbarium in the Heuvel Eindhoven. No less than 675 visitors from the Netherlands and Belgium visited the expo, bringing the project to a successful conclusion.

Spacemakers x HyperCulture is a collaboration between 9 young people from SintLucas, Summa College, Fontys Hogescholen, TU/e, Avans Hogeschool and design-director duo HyperCulture, and was made possible by Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie, Fonds 21 and de Heuvel. A diverse audience, from teachers to friends and family, and from professionals to shopping passers-by, reacted enthusiastically to the artworks on display. For the Spacemakers, it was a unique experience to exhibit their work to a wider audience, outside the 'safe haven' of their own education or school.
"We need to open our eyes and see that working with students from different courses and levels really prepares them for the real world." - visitor
In the collaborative project, the Spacemakers and HyperCulture assumed the role of researchers who, after realising they could add little to the exhaustive inventory of their world, opted for a voyage of discovery into the future. Together they set off for the end of the 21st century, to study the consequences of accelerating physical-digital hybridisation for life on earth. This resulted in a unique travelling herbarium with hybrid life forms - taken from the future - and rendered impressions of the world the explorers found.

Check out the photos of the exhibition!

A new edition of Spacemakers will start in October 2022, this time in collaboration with digital artist Iris van der Meule. Are you or do you know someone who wants to participate in Spacemakers and develop your own artistic project with an experienced artist? Then sign up now!